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Learn This Amazing & Powerful Technique for
Paying Off Your Mortgage Without Spending Any More Money

The Home Equity Acceleration Plan (H.E.A.P.) was designed to give you a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand roadmap to follow so you can save thousands of dollars in mortgage payments and reduce the time to pay off a mortgage by 5-10-20+ years (without changing your lifestyle).
H.E.A.P™ and accompanying software were created by Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CWPP™, CAPP™, CMP™, founder of The Wealth Preservation Institute, Co-Founder of The Asset Protection Society, and author of, The Home Equity Acceleration Plan; Bad Advisors: How to Identify Them; How to Avoid Them, Retiring Without Risk, The Home Equity Management Guidebook: How to Achieve Maximum Wealth with Maximum Security, and The Doctor’s Wealth Preservation Guide.


About Roccy Roccy M. DeFrancesco, Jr., JD, is the Founder of The Wealth Preservation Institute, the creator of the Certified Wealth Preservation Planner (CWPP™), Certified Asset Protection Planner (CAPP™), Certified Medicaid Planner (CMP™) designations and the Co-Founder of the Asset Protection Society.

Roccy received his B.S. degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (where he also received his commercial pilot’s license) and his J.D. from Valparaiso University School of Law. Roccy is licensed to practice law in both Indiana and Michigan. Roccy is the author of Bad Advisors: How to Identify Them; How to Avoid Them©, Retiring Without Risk©, The Home Equity Management Guidebook©, The Doctor’s Wealth Preservation Guide©, The Home Equity Acceleration Plan (H.E.A.P.)©, and the editor of a book titled: Wealth Preservation Planning: A “Team” Approach© by The National Society of Accountants.

He is also the creator of the Home Equity Acceleration Plan (H.E.A.P.™)as well as the accompanying H.E.A.P.™ Non-Profit Organization which is dedicated to helping families who are struggling financially to pay their home mortgage payments.

He has also authored a number of advanced asset protection and wealth preservation articles that have been published in Orthopedics Today, The Rake Report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the CPA Journal,National Underwriter, Life Insurance Selling, Financial Planning Magazine, Strategic Orthopaedics,General Surgery News, Physician Money Digest, Physician Money Digest OB/GYN Edition, MD Life Magazine, Anesthesiology News, the Indiana Bar Journal, the OH CPA Newsletter, Physician News Digest,American Urological Association News, Society of Financial Service Professionals, Today’s CPA, the New Hampshire Society of CPAs, and Insurance Selling Magazine.

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How H.E.A.P.™ Works

H.E.A.P.™ is very simple in that the program shows you how to use every available dollar every day to pay down debt on your home mortgage.

When you use every available dollar to pay down your debt ALL THE TIME, your daily interest charges are reduced and doing so over the life of a loan has a tremendous compounding effect. This compounding effect will help you reduce the term of your loan by several years and save thousands of dollars in interest.


How H.E.A.P.™ Works

The concept behind H.E.A.P.™ is really very simple and is based on the following principles:

Monthy Balances

Having a monthly balance in a checking account is NOT a good idea (money in a checking account earns you zero or very little interest and that interest is taxed annually).

Using All of Your Money All of the Time

It is always best to use all available dollars ALL THE TIME to pay down the debt on your home.

No Change in Your Spending

A good home equity acceleration plan will NOT require you to alter your spending habits.

Understanding the following will help you understand the basics of H.E.A.P.™

Your bank or mortgage lender charges you interest on a daily basis (many people think of mortgages as a monthly expense when it is really a daily expense).

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Would you like to pay off your home 5, 10 or 15 years earlier, without changing your payments or lifestyle by using mortgage interest to your benefit?

H.E.A.P.™ Software

How cool is our H.E.A.P.™ software?  Super cool!

The software was so cool that we decided to turn it into a mobile app. Click here to learn about the mobile app. While the software isn’t needed to make H.E.A.P.™  work, it sure is helpful when budgeting the plan and monitoring its effectiveness.

Click below to watch a video of how the H.E.A.P.™ software works (we think you’ll be amazed).


Get Your Typical  H.E.A.P.™ 3 Page Printout

Click the button below to download a typical three page printout that can be created with the software. If you have an interest in ordering the HEAP software, e-mail info@heaplan.com for more information.


Warning about mortgage acceleration software.


While H.E.A.P.™ type plans have been around for 20+ years, illustration software is relatively new. Be careful of scammers selling mortgage acceleration software from $1,000-$3,500. Paying such a price for software is not needed and is a waste of money (especially since you can get the H.E.A.P.™ mobile app. for $9.99).

Read on About Bad Acceleration Plans

Run Your H.E.A.P.™ numbers

If you would like us to run your H.E.A.P.™ numbers for you to see how many tens of thousands of dollars you could save using H.E.A.P.™, simply CLICK THE BUTTON and fill out the form on the “How H.E.A.P.™ works Page.


H.E.A.P.™ Mobile App

    We are super excited about the new H.E.A.P. mobile app.


    If you are interested in online software (vs. a mobile app.), click here to learn more.

    We’ve essentially taken what others charge $3,500 in the marketplace for and made it into a mobile app.

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    With the app., literally in two minutes, you can determine how many tens of thousands of dollars you can save in mortgage interest using H.E.A.P.™.

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